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About us

Helping adults of all ages maintain their independence

Who we are

At Aidares Care, we care about choice. Giving Choice to our clients in all aspects ot the homecare and support services we offer them. We know how important it is that our clients know that they have a chioce in matters concerning thier daily livingand maintain a degree of independence in deciding how their care and support is carried out.

Our Mission Statement sums it up to be the preferred quality homecare provider delivering exceptional care and support service to enhance the overall safety and wellbeing of the people we look after. In addition, our care workers follow the skills for care standards.

At Aidares Care,our value of choice,respect, Honesty, Personal impact and reliability are key in all facets of our organisation's delivery of services and we work with our clients, staff and stakeholders to ensure that all points of engagement, these valus are relised.

We are proud of the difference we make to the daily living of our clients. We are also proud of the staff we have in place who are engaged, dedicated, and truly care about providing a unique service.

Our Vision is what we do day to day as a business - to provide th person - centered care you would choose for a loved one!

Keep the quality care

Tailored care and support whethr you need long term care and support to maintain your independence, live in support, short term help after a hospital dischargr or support going out in the community, we can customise a plan to meet your needs. We also offer respite care for family members who needs break fromthier usual care duties. When customising your personalised care plan, we will visit you to assess your needs and to ensure we match the care and support workerwho will be assisting you with your requirements.

Clients Care Agreement

Our care workers are rigorously selected and screened and complete a police check. All our care workers are trained to ensure they are competent and adopt our values and standards.

We provide on-going client care to all our clients enuring your privacy, dignity, rights and your wellbeing are always in place.

What to do next

If you are considering any of our services, please contact our friendly office team today.

THe next step is to arrange a free, no obligation appointment for our team to undertake aclient visit and risk assessment and discuss specific requirements in the comfort of your own home to ensure you get the tailored care you need and will fit with your lifestyle.

Why Choose Aidares Care

Person Centered care forms the core of the service we provide here at Aidares Care Limited. Aidares Care Limited offers a wealth of personal and functional care and associated domestic services to meet the needs of dependent clients (“Service Users”) these include older people, those with a disability and people who need assistant due to illness to continue living in their own homes and community.

We promote a standard of excellence, which embraces fundamental principles of Good Care practice that is witnessed and evaluated through the practice, conduct and control of quality care in the domestic environment.

a) Provide personal care to our service users within the definition and scope determined by the regulatory body

b) Promoting independent living, working within the service users' range of abilities and competences

c) Delivering care in the service users' homes in mannerism that is non- discriminatory and sensitive to the cultural needs of the client and respectful of their environment and traditions;

d) Providing a high quality flexible, responsive and non intrusive service that is tailored to the needs of the individual;

f) Working in partnership with other agencies involved in care in order to ensure a seamless and cost effective service.

g) Working with each client, their families and friends, carers and all other professionals associated with his/her care towards identifying, implementing and reviewing a personal care plan which sufficiently reflects on the service user needs at any one time.

h) To be a shining example of moral goodness in observing the integrity and respect of all service users. Treating our service users as individuals and not just numbers. Ensuring all vulnerable people we support are safe from any form(s) of harm.


Aidares Care Limited strives to offer excellent and affordable health and care services to individuals and families at home, community and stakeholder institutions in London and beyond.

Our Carers

Our carers and nurses are competent, caring, and well-trained individuals who are responsive to the needs of our service users, their families, and the communities we serve. Each staff member meet the Care Standards educational and training requirements for the services they provide